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Eclipse 3.2M6, WTP 1.5M5, and Callisto

Posted by iasandcb on April 2, 2006 at 9:47 PM PDT

Eclipse 3.2M6 was out and is almost ready for the final. Eclipse 3.2 supports Java SE 5 as well as Java SE 6.

Eclipse Web Tools project also unveiled WTP 1.5M5, which is aimed at Java EE 5 with Dali, EJB 3 support and JSF. Once Eclipse 3.2 and WTP 1.5 cut the final simultaneously, you will be able to enjoy developing Java EE 5 applications on top of the full Eclipse support.

When it comes to "simultaneity", Eclipse Callisto project may interest you. As a matter of fact, getting a right set for your overall purpose, for example, Java EE development, in Eclipse was quite tricky because there have been infra and component projects with different release plans in the Eclipse ecosystem. Callisto came up to solve the difficulty and already shows some sign for "good to go."

June this year would be great for Eclipse users :-)

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