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JavaOne BOF: Evolving a Web Application Architecture

Posted by kito75 on April 5, 2006 at 2:28 AM PDT

This year, I'm pleased to be hosting another BOF session at JavaOne in San Francisco next month (May 16-19). The BOF (#2311) is entitled "Evolution of a Web Application Architecture". Here's the abstract:

This session explores the evolution of, a community site focused on JavaServer™ Faces technology. The session explores the development of the site, focusing on specific trade-offs and design choices. It follows the evolution of the site's architecture through four distinct stages:
1. A pure HTML site published via XML and XSLT
2. A JavaServer Pages™ (JSP™) technology site generated through XML and XSLT
3. A combination JavaServer Faces technology and pure JSP technology generated through XML and XSLT
4. A portlet-based site using JSF and portal features

Specific challenges, such as maintaining site stability and URLs are covered.

This BOF will consist of a presentation interspersed with suggestions gained from the development experience. It will end with an open discussion of different approaches for evolving architectures.

Of course, JSF Central isn't currently running inside of a portal quite yet. But we're working on it :-).

At any rate, the session will be held on May 17th in room Metro 1, and starts at 9:30pm. Last year, I had a late BOF that was jam-packed (everyone couldn't fit in). I'm not convinced it'll be quite as full this year, but if you're at JavaOne and you're interested, please stop by!