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How your apps look on a napkin

Posted by claudio on April 16, 2006 at 11:49 AM PDT

When the NetBeans Look and Fell competition were launched, the date was close to when I discovered substance-netbeans. As I already used Substance (btw, a cool LAF), I saw more and more screenshots of netbeans and substance. Then I thought "well, almost everybody will use substance, then I feel the need to use another LAF", that I remembered of Napkin LAF.

What I found cool on Napkin is the specific fonts, not only the cool LAF, but the font looks very good. As I use Linux and KDE, the sub pixel hinting is enabled (a kind of ClearType). Another interesting thing on Napkin, it uses an algorithm to paint the widgets, that the same widget looks differently (see the vertical scrollbar of Project and Inspector window).

Well as Alex Lam L. S. pointed out, the Napking was updated. See the screenshot I did with the earlier version, and an updated screenshot.

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