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NetBeans 5.5 and JavaDB

Posted by claudio on May 12, 2006 at 7:17 AM PDT

NetBeans 5.5 (beta) doesn't make available by default the JavaDB (based on Apache Derby) on to Tools menu. Note, the Enterprise Pack is not installed.

If you have Glassfish or Sun Java System App Server 9, then JavaDB is already there. Look at $GLASSFISH_HOME/javadb. If not, download it from JavaDB or Apache Derby.

The JavaDB is available at Development Update Center or Enterprise Pack Update Center. As I am using the 5.5 beta, then the JavaDB is not available, but the module to start/stop is there.

Go to NetBeans Advanced Options: Tools menu --> Options --> Advanced Options (bottom left button) --> Look at the below screenshot:

Configure the JavaDB installation directory and the directory used to store the database

Now you can start/stop JavaDB from Tools menu


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