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NetBeans@JavaONE - Lookup, API Design and Test Patterns talks at JavaONE, NetBeans Plugin Development at NetBeans Day on Monday

Posted by timboudreau on May 12, 2006 at 10:58 PM PDT

I'm doing way too many talks at JavaONE this year. First and foremost, my friend Jarda Tulach and I will be doing a technical session on Friday afternoon at 2:30PM - How to Design APIs that Stand the Test of Time (TS-6218).

We did a similar talk as a BOF last year, and to our amazement, the room was standing-room-only at 10:30PM with a party with free beer happening next door. Basically what we talk about is tips and techniques we've learned from years of working on NetBeans, making mistakes and learning from them, about what does and doesn't work in API design. And try to address how to be nice to your users while not painting yourself into a corner - how to design for evolution.

On Thursday evening at 7:30PM, we're doing a BOF - Discovery and Dependency Injection Patterns in Modular Architectures (BOF-2559). If you've ever been puzzled by the Lookup API in NetBeans, we hope this talk will make it crystal clear. Basically it's about what a modular architecture is, why it's valuable, and the patterns and libraries we use to enable decoupled components to discover each other at run-time - the Lookup API.

Jarda and Jesse Glick will also be doing a Test Patterns (BOF-0220) talk at 9:30PM on Tuesday night. If you've ever wanted to write JUnit regression tests for unusual things such as deadlocks and memory leaks, this is the talk for you. It will also cover the NbJUnit extensions to JUnit, which provide support for such things, and which are now available from

And before all this, on Monday at NetBeans Day San Francisco I'll spend two hours presenting how to develop plug-ins for NetBeans and how to use the NetBeans Platform. We'll have a bunch of amazing speakers, some very interesting announcements and a whole lot of fun. NetBeans Day is free to attend, even if you're not going to JavaONE.

I'll also be doing some demos during Charles Ditzel's Twelve Reasons to Use NetBeans talk on Wednesday at 9:45AM - if you haven't caught up on NetBeans 5.0 yet and you can't make it to NetBeans Day, we promise to pack as much as we can into an hour of in-depth demos.

There are a lot more NetBeans-related talks at JavaONE too - I'm just shamelessly plugging ones I'm involved it :-)

It will be a busy but fun week. Then I plan to sleep for a month!

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