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JavaOne Has Not Started Yet

Posted by gsporar on May 14, 2006 at 7:07 PM PDT


I never expected the weather in San Francisco to be so
nice and warm at this time of year. But it has been a
beautiful blue-sky day. I spent some time acting like
a tourist; it's been years and years since I got to do
that in this city. I took the photo while hanging from
a cable car. It was stopped at Lombard Street - you can
see Coit Tower off in the distance. The guy sitting next
to me on the cable car had a JavaPolis backpack. That's pretty
much a dead giveaway and when I asked him he confirmed that he
was in town for JavaOne.

Before I set out on my ride, I ran into
Michael Kölling and
Ian Utting
of the BlueJ project. Like a lot of folks, they got to San Francisco
early so that they could attend
NetBeans Day San Francisco.
If you have not registered yet, I have bad news: registration is
closed. We are over-subscribed. Next year we will get a bigger room.

Anyway, back to Michael and Ian. They have been working with the
NetBeans team on adding support to the
NetBeans IDE for projects
that were created in BlueJ. The beta has recently been made
available here.