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Java One mini-talks for Linux users

Posted by flozano on May 14, 2006 at 11:41 PM PDT

The Java.Net Community Corner in the Java One Pavillion will feature a few talks of special interest for Linux developers, ranging from on Sun proprietary JVM and new JCP standards to F/OSS JVMs.

If you are around, please come and join us!

Date/Time Talk
May 16, 11:30am Packaging Java apps for Linux using JPackage
May 16, 12:00am Brazilian Portuguese JDK Translation Project
May 17, 11:00am The Scripting project
May 17, 02:30pm Packaging the JDK for Linux and Open Solaris: Getting Started
May 17, 04:00pm The State of F/OSS Java VMs
May 18, 12:00am Fedora Core Linux bundled Java Apps

Linux distributions packagers will have a special interest in the May 17, 2:30pm presentation. I can't tell the details, but it'll be about things you weren't legally able to do before. You probably heard about a new license Sun will announce during JavaOne, so stay tunned.

The full schedule of Java.Net mini-talks during JavaOne can ne seen on the Community Corner Wiki page.

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