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Handwriting Recognition with Java Technology

Posted by dnourie on May 18, 2006 at 7:27 AM PDT

I thought it was a little odd that only twenty something people sat with in a room that normally could seat over 100. I had thought many others would be interested in this topic. Apparently I was wrong.

I was excited to learn more about this topic, to discover what packages and clases are needed to write applications that work with writing devices, but this session fell flat on my expectations.

The speaker Yu-Hong Wang, from Maplesoft, spoke well and explained a few concepts in detail. He described the Hidden Markove Model and the Viterbi Algorithm, but Java technology barely came into the picture.

Perhaps there is not a lot to say on this topic. If that's the case, we didn't need a session on it. I don't feel like I learned anything, except to use a mouse listener for these types of application.

The session only lasted 30 minutes instead of the alloted 60 minutes, and the demo was simply the speaker drawing on a PC Mouse tablet.

In all, it was a disappointment.