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Mustang and Mac OS X

Posted by lordy on May 18, 2006 at 1:30 PM PDT

Today Apple release the Developer Preview 2 of Java SE 6.0. This preview include support for PPC so I can play around with it on my PowerBook.

So today is the day I can test most of the cool things I read about Mustang all the time here.

My first try was Splash-Screen, I use the demo of New Splash-Screen Functionality in Mustang. It works fine, only that the gif I choose look bad...


Next I want test Desktop API. For Mac OS X Java developers, this feature isn't new because of Apple Java Extensions and MRJ Adapter. But I was interessted if it is already implemented, so I give demo application of Using the Desktop API in Java SE 6 a try. Here the screenshot, it real works...


Last but not least System Tray. Again I take the demo from sun, New System Tray Functionality in Mustang. What do you think, do I see a UnsupportedOperationException? See yourself:


My summary is very positive after this painfully waiting for Java 5 on Mac OS X. When I got the email about my bug report "( 4467083 ) Provide Java SE 6 (Mustang) builds or the beta" that now builds are available, I was sure thinking that such feature listed above are not implemented yet. So this was a nice surprise for me.

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