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Apple's 2006 JavaOne BoF

Posted by editor on May 18, 2006 at 4:41 PM PDT

It wasn't easy staying up for a 10:30 BoF from Apple, but it's a tradition, so Daniel, Josh, Cooper and I hung out at Moscone until the wee hours.

It was worth it.

Apple's Alan Samuel set out to break some widely-held misconceptions, by making two interesting releases. The first misconception was that since Apple had released a Mustang developer preview for Intel Macs, that it had already turned its back on PowerPC. This was dispelled by the announcement of Developer Preview 2, which supports both Intel and PPC.

The other misconception was that Apple was not supportive of SWT. At this point, Alan welcomed engineer Scott Kovatch, who showed off a demo of a new compatbility library that allows SWT widgets to coexist with AWT and Swing widgets. In his example, an SWT text field shared a window with a Swing JTree and some AWT widget I don't recall.

They marked the occasion by clearing the bug in Ecilpse's Bugzilla... well, they put a comment into Bugzilla, but forgot to change the status from NEW to FIXED, so a few hundred developers tracking the bug got an e-mail about the new comment, and presumably will get a more complete update later.

Both of these announcements were mirrored in a java-dev mailing list entry Ann: Java SE 6 for PPC and Intel and SWT Compatibilty Libraries now available!, so those not at JavaOne could join in the fun too.

In a remarkably impressive demo, Scott showed the Aerith demo from Tuesday's general session, running in the pre-release Mustang for Mac. While a little pokey, it maintained all of the lavish JOGL-powered graphics, seamlessly rendering in the Swing environment, in all of Aerith's OSX-inspired 3D reflective goodness.

A Shark demo was planned, but time ran out.

Late night, but well worth it.