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Beware the Enterprise abduction of POJOs, REST and AJAX

Posted by benchristen on May 19, 2006 at 1:59 AM PDT

POJOs, REST, AJAX. These acronyms are big buzz words -- and buzz is good, it brings needed exposure -- but, I fear too much hype will bring lack of understanding.

POJOs are a revolt against the complexity of EJBs! I love the ironic intent of the POJO acronym -- maybe my boss will give credence to my ideas if I use a fancy acronym (oooh, wait a second . . . AJAX). The POJO acronym now appears everywhere. There are even POJO books! But aren't plain old java objects already covered in the first chapters of every Java book? Maybe I'm mistaken and everyone really gets it, but I fear that isn't always true.

REST is a revolt against the complexity of SOAP! When I first read about REST, I thought, "Yes! Of course! This is how we were doing web services before all that SOAP nonsense." I love the simplicity. I'm very happy to see toolkits emerging now that will help us develop REST webservices. But, let's not forget that it's just JAVA, XML and HTTP.

Ah, AJAX. Something that already existed, which we had no idea existed, then Google opened our eyes and HTTPXMLRequest was re-branded AJAX. I love the acronym and believe that it's a large part of AJAX's success and quick adoption. But, again, I'm worried about the Enterprise Abduction. There is SO much AJAX buzz at JavaOne. Let's hope for Enterprise Adoption instead of Abduction.

There is definitely substance behind these buzz words. Unfortunately there isn't always substance behind the people using the buzz words! We owe a huge thanks to those who put the substance there. You're the ones who make it happen -- the rest of us are just talk.