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JavaOne 2006 Day Four

Posted by editor on May 19, 2006 at 7:17 AM PDT

With a cheer from exhausted booth personnel, the JavaOne Pavilion closed at 7PM last night. I put the last touches on the podcast from the hotel room when I got back, and here's what it looks like if you load it up in the iTunes Music Store


44 episodes in the can, 38 of them mini-talks recorded in the booth over the last three days. If you find enough bandwidth to download them all, you'll be set for a very long drive -- if you already listened to the pre-show podcasts and just picked up all the mini-talks, you'd have 11 and a half hours of audio over the course 38 presentations, totalling 347 MB of 64 Mbps mono MP3.

It's also interesting taking a look at the iTMS screenshot above as evidence that people have been subscribing to the podcast, since it shows what other podcasts our subscribers have picked up: Sun Developer Network, Leo Laporte's Mac vidcast, the Java Posse, etc. We won't be able to get stats from our download server that houses the MP3's until our doer-of-all-things Sarah Kim returns from her much-delayed honeymoon in Hawaii (have fun, Sarah; thanks for everything at the show this year!), but we do think this is going to enable a lot of people to check out interesting presentations that they weren't able to attend in person at the booth.

That said, assuming we do this again, we probably ought to improve the workflow. We capture, paste on intros and outros, add tags, convert to MP3, upload to server, hand-edit the RSS feed, and write an announcement in the jnpodcasts project. Multiply by 16 talks a day, and I'm pretty beat.

So anyways, are you getting around? Meeting people? That's John Gage's command every year: go forth and mingle. It's always interesting to be in front of the book store and meet up with someone you debated with in the Q&A portion of a tech session earlier in the week, or someone you saw across the room in a BoF. There was a lot of mingling last night at the well-attended After Dark party, and there's still time to track people down via instant messenger for one last coffee or a game of NHL 2K6 in the hang area before we all go our separate ways for another year.

This morning we kick off with the final general session, highlighting innovation on the platform. This should be fun, as it's a place for all the cool demos that remind you of what's possible with Java. If you're already heading to the airport, remember to check back on the JavaOne Sessions page for on-demand webcasts when you get home.

Next week, the front page will return to its normal format, and we'll take a look back at JavaOne, and hopefully be re-inspired about our communities and our projects. See you then.

Update 11:00 AM PDT -- Check it out, we're the #79 technology podcast on iTunes, ahead of the Ruby on Rails Podcast, NerdTV, and even the Java Posse. Thank you for listening!


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