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JConsole will be supported in Mustang

Posted by mandychung on May 22, 2006 at 12:18 PM PDT

Here are the slides of the JConsole BOF that Leif Samuelsson and Jean-Francois and I gave at JavaOne on May 18th. Enjoy!

Using JConsole to monitor and manage your application

JConsole was shipped in Tiger JDK as a demo and experimental tool. In Mustang, JConsole becomes a supported tool like the other JDK tools such as java and javac. From the engineering team's perspective, we have been making sure that jconsole is of high quality in the same way as a supported tool. The major effort to make JConsole as a supported tool is to provide accessibility support. Leif Samuelsson, the lead and the author of JConsole, has been putting time in improving JConsole accessibility. We expect more work to put in build 86 which should be available for download in 2 weeks. Try out the Mustang snapshot and send us feedback!

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