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Derby 10.2 Snapshot

Posted by mortazavi on May 27, 2006 at 6:15 PM PDT

This is the best time to take a close and serious look at a preview of Apache / Derby 10.2.

Use Derby and get involved! Provide constructive feedback before this upcoming release of Derby comes into "official" being.

Rick Hillegas, a senior staff engineer at Sun and an Apache Derby committer, has put together a snapshot of Apache / Derby 10.2 prior to its final release, which will be coming, I believe, in the next few months.

From Sun engineers contributing to this snapshot, I can proudly name Andreas Kornelliusen, Anurag Shekhar, Bernt Johnsen, Dag Wanvik, David Van Couvering, Dyre Tjeldvoll, Fernanda Pizzorno, Francois Orsini, Knut Anders Hatlen, Kristian Waagan, Lance Andersen, Michelle Caisse, Olav Sandstaa, Øystein Grøvlen, Rick Hillegas, and V. Narayanan — a great team distributed over three continents — miles and hours apart but united with each other and with the rest of Apache / Derby community to make 10.2 a real success for developers who like lightweight, no-nonsense databases to embed easily in their applications.

As you may notice if you lurk around Apache Derby, many engineers from Sun (see the above list), IBM (Dan Debrunner, Andrew McIntyre, Kathy Marsden, Jean Andersen, Sateesh Bandaram come to mind) and other independent engineers (Bryan Pendleton and others) have made valuable contributions to make this snapshot possible.

Check it out and kick the tires on this snapshot of Apache / Derby 10.2! You can get the jars here, and a description of major features here.

By the way, Sun will be distributing Apache / Derby under the Java DB brand, as IBM distributes it under the Cloudscape brand.