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Are lawyers up to open source movement?

Posted by cos on June 9, 2006 at 11:35 AM PDT

Hello there.

Looks like the open source market is getting more and more hot nowaday. This recent thread on Debian's list
shows that when development community is trying to get things easier around, someone suspects that a lawyers can be in a position to cause a harm.

From that tiny snippet
"...If Sun would commit to putting that interpretation in their license, that would be one thing. But as an aside as it is, with no legal standing, who is to say that other lawyers or a judge wouldn't decide it means something entirely different?..."
I conclude, that the old saying is still correct "The law is like a shaft: it will point wherever you can turn it" :-)

Pardon my ignorance, but it seems like freedom of open source and official rulings are still as good mix as water and oil. Public wants one thing, but the governing entities might know better what is the best for that very public.

Take care,