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JDIC Browser component support on Mac OS X

Posted by lordy on June 23, 2006 at 6:42 AM PDT

Today Michael Shan merged my patch into cvs. So issue #222 is fixed. A issue where the first patch that I provide is dated to Jun 27 2005, almost a year ago, now fixed, yeah!

JDIC Browser for Mac OS X based on Dmitry Markmans webkitjava. He agreed to change license and copyright that we can use it in JDIC, so here also a thx from me!

So for all of you out there who waiting hard for that, you can start using it! If you have no fear of building it from cvs.

What next? In issue #407 we start working to make the use of the Mac OS X Version so simple as possible. Current it is needed to make something like:

IWebBrowser webBrowser;

if (isMac)

     webBrowser = new WebKitWebBrowser();


     webBrowser = new WebBrowser();

Limits: WebBrowser also supports Java Applets. Here WebKitWebBrowser has one limit.
It needs this start parameters that Applets work:

java -Xbootclasspath/p:/Library/Java/Home/lib/plugin.jar:/Library/Java/Home/lib/deploy.jar  -cp .:demo/Browser Browser

This is a problem if it should be used in Java Web Start application. But Dmitry Markman has a workaround for that in his webkitjava.

Here a screenshot which shows demo/Browser running an Applet:

So give it a try, we are waiting for your bug reports and RFEs.

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