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JDIC Browser need some beans

Posted by lordy on July 2, 2006 at 5:05 PM PDT

So it's sunday and I was working on JDIC. But before I go to bed I want to share the work and get so feedback. I implement JEditorPane as WebBrowser. Now you asking yourself why the fuck I do this, where we have JDIC browser component to go away from this old and ugly html3 renderer.

One little reason I do that is that JEditorPane has not the Browser functionality like back(), forward(), isBackEnabled(), isForwardEnabled() and so on. And I can't count how often I read on mail-list the question how to make a browser of it. But believe me, that is not the important reason for me.

Important about JEditorPane is, that it need no native libs. So it's the perfect fallback, but for what I need such a fallback?

I want to make JDIC Browser JavaBean conform. I think it should be possible to design the GUI in a GUI builder without thinking: "Here I have this free space for the component which I add in the code, because it's not a JavaBean", like Richard Bair wrote about JFreeChart's ChartPanel in The Unknown JavaBean.

JavaBean don't address the issue of the needing a native lib, but with the fallback that is no problem.

Here the links to the three issues I create for this:

JEditorPane as fallback Browser

JavaBean support for browser component

Cleanup IWebBrowser interface

Feel free to give a comment here or at issue tracker. To comment on issue tracker you need an observer role of JDIC.

For the end, some screenshots showing a prototype in my preferred GUI builder NetBeans Matisse. First one show a form with a browser component, the component in the palette and the events like downloadStarted. The other two show the use of the Connection Wizard.

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