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EJB 3 & JPA material used in JavaOne wrapup seminar held in Seoul

Posted by guruwons on July 10, 2006 at 6:28 PM PDT

So many people came to JavaOne wrapup seminar held in Seoul, Korea on 8 July. It was organized as small scale(100 people expected) by Sun Korea, but I guess more than 200 people came in. I think it was so popular because this seminar covers most interesting topics in this year JavaOne - Java SE 6, Java EE 5, EJB3, Ajax and Scripting language.

My session was about "GlassFish, EJB 3.0 and Java Persistence API". Unfortunately time was short(40m) so I couldn't address the whole content in my presentation file. The presentation material covers more things than was metioned in the seminar. You can download it at the bottom.

Here is the abstract of my session.

Java EE 5 technology has many changes making developers productive. One of key features is EJB 3.0. I will introduce EJB 3.0 which has many changes compared to previous EJB 2.1. Most important feature is POJO-based simplified programming model with metadata annotation from Java SE 5. Also Java Persistence API replaces legacy Entity Beans with new easy and powerful ORM technology. This session covers overal changes and features of EJB 3.0. In addition, this introduces open source Java EE 5 implementation GlassFish.

  • Java EE 5 Overview
  • Introduction and future direction of GlassFish
  • Introduction of Tmax Application Server JEUS 6
  • EJB 3.0 Overview
    • Introduction of business interface and changes of bean class
    • Changes of Lifecycle callback, Tranasction, Security, Exceptions
    • Dependency Injection, Simple lookup
    • Newly added interceptor feature
    • Simplified Client View
  • Java Persistence API Overview
    • Entity and O/R mapping
    • EntityManager API, Lifecycle of Entities
    • Java Persistence API Query Language
    • How to use JPA in Java EE, Java SE

[PDF] Presentation file

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