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The sharp end of the stick

Posted by evanx on July 12, 2006 at 1:03 AM PDT

This morning i stumbled across Dan Cresswell's "Java is not a programming language" where he mentions Java being "blind-sided" by Ruby. I got me to musing...

The Java language is a general purpose programming platform, on which one can build RoR'esque and PHP'esque solutions, via libraries, frameworks, or whatever.

People are naturally trying to invent easier reusable ways of solving specific classes of problems. (Often at the expense of their current employer,
as talked about in Bruce Eckel's
"When Reuse Goes Bad"

PHP did a fantastic job of making the transition from editing static HTML pages, to building dynamic ones, as smooth and painless as possible, and accessible to non-programmers, who quickly became highly effective programmers. And RoR hits the database web frontend nail on the head, from what i understand.

Java frameworks will borrow and follow RoR. But we want the Java community to innovate and lead. Or do we?

Surely there is real value in being a conversative language, that evolves at a carefully controlled pedestrian pace. Because enterprises like that.

The larger the community is, the more conversative it's gonna be. Like a huge committee, innit. In a way, a happy victim of it's own success.

So I say let's follow and borrow. Let C# et al innovate for the future, so that Java can innovate for the present, learning from the best of the rest, as much if not more from their mistakes as their successes.

C# did it to us, now we can do it back to them. Hee hee.