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Hey EuroOSCON! We're planning on leaving the place "messy"!

Posted by jhurley on September 13, 2006 at 5:48 AM PDT

[As background: Brussels is 'the place to be' the next couple of weeks... the
10th Jini Community Meeting" is underway and taking place September 13th and 14th. EuroOSCON 2006 is happening next week, September 18-21, at the
same location -- Hotel Le Plaza in the magnificent Plaza Theather.]

The 10th Jini Community Meeting is live from Brussels -- check out the conference page at: to track what's happening and view the live stream we're experimenting with (to help "spread the love"). :-)

The Meeting is open and free (like the technology), so if you're in early for EuroOSCON, you're invited to stop by.

We're discussing building adaptive distributed systems in Java. Jini is a proven service oriented architecture for building network based systems which are dynamic and highly adaptive to change.

The Jini Community is in the midst of a lot of change (see: "A New Day..." note), and so the latest changes (new site, new Jini area on, and our Proposal to the Apache Software Foundation) are all being discussed along with Community projects, Commercial products, technical experiments and advances, and Community growth.

Basically... we discuss, learn, debate, build connections, and drink beer (we're in Belgium after all).

There will, no doubt, be lingering echoes in the halls of the Plaza Theather about mobile code, open source, and building adaptive distributed systems... but we'll try and catch those RemoteExceptions and not leave the place too messy. :-)

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