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JDBC 4.0 PFD is now available

Posted by lancea on July 20, 2006 at 7:12 AM PDT

The JDBC 4.0 PFD contains many clarifications to the JDBC spec including the JDBC API docs. The majority of the changes are reflected in b91 of Java SE 6, Mustang. Some of the areas of change include:

  • Revamping the SQLXML interface, which which I blogged about earlier
  • Improvements to the JDBC compliance chapter which now incorporates the requirements for JDBC drivers in a Java EE environment. This chapter will be pointed to by future Java EE specs. This chapter also clarifies which methods must be supported and which methods are optional. Optional methods that are not supported must throw a SQLFeatureNotSupportedException.
  • Added the createArrayOf and createStruct to the Connection interface.
  • getColumns also now indicates whether a column is auto-incremented
  • Renamed ClientInfoException to SQLClientInfoException
  • Renamed getFunctionParameters to getFunctionColumns
  • Added support for system functions to getFunctions and getFunctionColumns
  • Synced up the DatabaseMetaData methods: getColumns, getProcedures,
    getProcedureColumns, getTables, getTablePrivileges, getSchemas, getUDTS, getAttributes, getFunctions, getFunctionColumns so that the methods match ODBC and include catalog in its ordering

    POSITION which where added previously to ODBC

  • Added methods to PreparedStatement, CallableStatement, ResultSet which do not require a length parameter for stream based methods (these methods are optional for this release)

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