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SwingWorker's process signature

Posted by forax on July 26, 2006 at 3:25 AM PDT

Preamble :
this is my first blog entry, so champagne!!

Ok, you have perhaps notice it, the signature of
the SwingWorker's process method change in the last beta (b92),
and you can blame someone for that ... me.

I'm proud to have reported this bug (6432565)
even if for patch it, the interface of SwingWorker has been
changed. After all the JDK is still in beta.

SwingWorker is used to publish data from an external thread
(the worker thread) to the EDT (Event Dispatch Thread), because, in Swing, only the EDT
can change GUI states.

The EDT is in charge of dispatch events, refresh the gui, etc. so the worker thread can call publish several times before the process method is called by the EDT, so the published data need to be gathered.
Swingworker uses a list to store these data and then calls the process method.
Before b92 a new array was created from that list and pass as
parameter to the process method.

So where is the bug ?
The bug comes when you try to allocate this array,
it's a parameterized array (by T), and in Java at runtime you
can't know the declared type used for T and

So how to correct the bug, it's easy, use instead a list of T.

PS: I don't write this blog to blame the SUN ingeneer that wrote
that code. For the record, two weeks after, on another bug i try to
convince him that it was possible to guess the class of a type variable at runtime using a smart trick, of course,
the proposed code was wicked.

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