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Mustang and Mac OS X, Part 2

Posted by lordy on August 10, 2006 at 3:57 PM PDT

In the meantime to my last blog about Mustang on Mac OS X Apple release three more developer previews. Today I want write about the news in DP5 which you can get here.

( 4110491 ) apple.awt.brushMetalRounded is broken for JFrames is fixed

When I remember right, brushMetalRounded come with Mac OS X 10.4, but was broken all the time. So now Java developer also can use the iTunes 5, iCal or addressbook stile.

Bild 1.png

But we are still waiting for Apple Mail 2.1 and iTunes 6 stile.

Mustang has new Modality API, and DP5 brings a nice property for this.

If you create code like this:

JFrame f = new JFrame();

JDialog d = new JDialog(f, Dialog.ModalityType.DOCUMENT_MODAL);

d.getRootPane().putClientProperty("apple.awt.documentModalSheet", "true");

You get this, with all native effects:

Bild 2.png

apple.awt.smallTitleBar, what should I say about? Example:

JFrame f = new JFrame();

f.getRootPane().putClientProperty("apple.awt.smallTitleBar", "true");


Bild 3.png

This is not all, check out the release note.

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