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Posted by kohsuke on August 24, 2006 at 6:19 PM PDT

At work, I and my colleagues rely heavily on So a glitch in the system is often a serious issue for us.
Because of this (and because I like automation and I like auto-generated graphics), I have developed a few monitoring systems, to keep the pulse of the crucial services.

This monitoring has been running internally inside Sun's corporate firewall, but now that Glassfish has the new Wiki hosted on a global IP machine, I finally got a chance to post these monitoring services to a place visible to every user.

So the first service brought to public is the e-mail delivery delay monitoring. This measures the time it takes for an e-mail to arrive to and sent to the intended destination. This is a good approximation of ...

  • how long does it take for CVS change notification e-mail to arrive?
  • how long does it take for mailing lists to distribute e-mail?

The chart shows the observed delay in minutes.

To be fair, the reason why there's often some delay is because of the incredible amount of spams that the system gets. I once saw a chart that says something like 99% of the e-mail that hits SMTP server is spam, and a tremendous effort is spent on making sure that those are not delivered to the users.

This chart is updated every 15 minutes automatically. See the monitoring page for more about how I'm measuring it and the background.

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