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Senses Working Overtime

Posted by editor on August 29, 2006 at 7:05 AM PDT

Getting your mind into JSF

Legend has it that JSP was largely whipped up in one intense weekend of coding. I have no idea if this is true or not, but if so, it's only natural that some of those involved would have wanted to go back at some point and do it over, with a little more time and care. Clearly, JSF aspires to clean up some of the roughest edges of JSP.

Thing is, JSF is just different enough -- after all it's its own standard and not just a revision of JSP -- that you may have to get yourself into a different mindset to work with it. Bridging the two isn't always easy, as the struggle to unify their Expression Languages attests to.

Dr. Xinyu Liu takes on this issue in today's Feature Article,
Developing applications with Facelets, JSF, and JSP. "This article introduces a rich list of useful tips to help developers smoothly transition from the old-fashioned JSP/servlet programming to the new JSF-style programming. It clarifies the issues and confusion developers may encounter, and promotes best practices and methodologies to simplify web development, improve code reuse, and make source code more designer-friendly, as well as easy-to-maintain."

David Herron reconsiders popoular awareness and understanding of Java in today's Weblogs, from the point of view of the convenience store employee who recognizes Java schwag and asks "Uh, is that the thing in my phone"? David writes:
"If you're reading this you're probably a technologist, as am I. You know why Java is or is not important to you. You probably understand the pros and cons of it in great detail, and you can probably spec out the design of a device that uses Java to download and integrate new features on the fly. We are a small percentage of society."