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Creating a Mini-Unconference - request for ideas

Posted by timboudreau on August 30, 2006 at 4:34 PM PDT

For NetBeans Day Seattle, we have a new entry on the agenda: This Is Not A Conference - basically a mini-unconference in an hour. It's something new, and I'm looking for theme ideas and any other sort of brainstorming on what this should look like.

There is a lot of information on the web about "unconferences" - I'll include some links. Basically it means turning the traditional conference structure on its head - the audience is the presenters. The idea is to have a general theme and bring a topic that you care about enough to talk about with you.

So I've set up a brainstorming page in the new NetBeans Wiki. Anyone can add theme and/or topic ideas. I put a few straw-man themes up. In the spirit of unconferences, the agenda needs to be driven by those who will attend. If you will be at NetBeans Day Seattle on September 6, there must be something you care about :-) Add it to the wiki page!
Mobile Bay, Theodore Alabama, Spring '06

Sign-up for NetBeans Day Seattle here.

Some interesting reading on unconferences:

There will have to be some differences from what is described above, since we have an hour, not several days, and at least in Seattle, the seats are bolted to the floor :-/

Given the time limitations, it's doubly important that the agenda be set by the communities attending, but that it is fairly established ahead of time. So please help out with the brainstorming.

This is going to be interesting :-)