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This program is made possible by contributions from developers like you

Posted by kohsuke on August 31, 2006 at 11:37 AM PDT

The JAXB project has been getting a lot of contributions lately. Myungsik Sung from Tmaxsoft just sent us a patch for a fix (I just love it when a problem report comes with a patch to fix it!) Tmaxsoft is shipping a JavaEE5 compatible application server, and they use the JAXB RI.

Then Joost Cassee came along and he started hacking the maven2 plugin for the JAXB RI, again with a nice patch. I'm hoping that he'd be able to hack the JAXB RI more :-)

The last but not least is a contribution of a sample by Matthias Ernst. He came up with a pretty nice technique to do a streaming processing of a large document in JAXB without using StAX, and he kindly turned it into a JAXB RI sample format so we can bundle it in the future distributions. He occasionally talk about JAXB in his blog, so I knew him from my usual blogsphere search about JAXB.

I own a whole bunch of open-source hobby projects myself (that I do on my spare time), but none of them receive as many contributions as the JAXB project does. I don't know whether I should be happy or sad for that.

One thing I tried with the JAXB project, though, was to make it really easy to hack the code. We were the fist one in the glassfish family to publish and regularly update the architecture document, the first in the family to convince the management to do a weekly build drop (back then when the RI was still not open-sourced.) We post a workspace zip bundle, complete with all the CVS version info, the build script (that just runs with "ant" as it should be), and IDE configuration files for NetBeans, Eclipse, and IntelliJ, so you can start hacking right away and send us patches or keep track with changes by just doing "cvs update." We also post a separate source zip bundle, in case all you want is browse through the source code when you write/debug your program that uses the JAXB RI (this is also handy if you just need to make one-line fix.) I spend extra effort in commenting the source code so that you can get some idea about what's going on. I'd like to think that those things helped (... OK, that's probably enough. Now I stop.)

So, in conclusion, big thank you for all of you who pitched in, and keep them coming!

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