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A Physical Presence

Posted by editor on September 18, 2006 at 9:15 AM PDT

A brief tour for the Swing team

Joshua Marinacci reports driving down to Southern California with fellow Swing team member Richard Bair to give a series of presentations on desktop Java, both to SoCal JUG's and corporate customers. The results of his meetings make for interesting reading, which is why we're featuring his blog LA-stravaganza in the Java Today section.

Among his list of discoveries is the fact that when you give the same presentation seven times, it gets better each time. That makes for a nice reminder of why it's a bad idea to write your presentation the morning it's to be delivered and never rehearse it before presenting it (I'm sure I'm not the only one who's done this).

Another discovery is a better reception for Java Web Start than might be generally known... possibly because few people seem to be using Web Start:

A lot of people don't know about Java Web Start. This surprised me because I've known about it for years (and written several different articles on it), but at most sites the developers didn't know about Webstart or only heard a few details. Clearly we need to do more to get the word out.

Developers who use WebStart love it. At one customer site, where they use 1.5 and WebStart for everything on the desktop they said "Java Webstart has been a huge win for us". The developers are in LA and the customers are in New York. They can fix a bug in the afternoon, push out a new version that evening, then the customers are updated the next morning. That's what we like to hear!

Some of Josh's other revelations include Java 5 adoption, Swing inroads, and the emergence of Flex. Check out his blog for more notes from the trip.

Also in Java Today,
The java-dev mailing list message Ann: Java SE 6.0 Release 1 Developer Preview 6 Now Available brings word of the latest build of Mustang for Mac OS X, for both Intel and PowerPC systems, based on JDK 1.6.0_b88. This latest developer preview is available from the Apple Developer Connection to all ADC members, including those at the free "online" level. Note that ADC pre-release terms and conditions still apply, meaning the build can only be discussed on Apple's feedback channels. Also note that this preview release is not removable.

The incubated Java Desktop project Zambro is a "simple and light web browser, written in Java 5 and using the Swing framework." Its features inlcude remote and local browsing, bookmarks support (where bookmarks can be exported in a HTML document), HTML code viewer/editor, integrated web search, minimalistic back/forward memory for visited sites' history, hideable panels, and per-user customizable settings.

David Herron has a Followup on bug tracker for open source JDK in today's Weblogs. "Whatever is used for bug tracking in the public has to share bugs/comments/etc with the internal system. This is one of the big question marks over whether to take an existing bug tracking system and modify it to interface with the internal system. Or whether to write a custom solution."

In Animating your lists, tables and trees, Kirill Grouchnikov writes:
"the latest trend in the UI world seems to be animations (on pretty much everything), including fade-ins on rollovers, selections, layout changes and what not. So, what better thing to add to the latest drop of Substance if not the support for animated fades on lists (was already there in release 3.0), tables and trees."

Finally, Shannon Hickey offers
Top-Level Drop with Swing and Java SE 6, in which he "demonstrates support in Java SE 6 for dropping into top-level containers such as JFrame and JDialog."

In today's Forums,
dfoster clears up some performance concerns in
Re: Huge page support on Linux does not work:
"As far as I understand it when you turn on huge page support it needs to be as big as the maximum amount of memory the JVM will consume. This means not only the heap but all the memory the JVM will use. You may want to try cranking up the number of pages. The other problem you may be suffering from is that even though the pages are (supposed to be) reserved they may not be contigious. The current JVM requires that the memory allocated to it is contigious. So if you do increase the page size or even if you don't you should reboot and fire up your app right away before the memory gets fragmented."

rafanami is switching gears and has some
Questions about "Best Practices" in using Swing as UI layer
Hello everyone. I'm trying to create an architecture that is targeted to ease the efforts on developing Swing applications. I have a 3 year background on Web-Based applications, and about 1 year and half using JavaServer Faces. The first thing I've noticed was that is not so trivial promoting a certain level of reuse in Swing. I'm trying to do something that I do in JSF - a BaseActionMessageHandler, that has methods to throw i18n messages to a customizable panel or to a JOptionPane, a BaseDataModelAction, that provides population utilities to DataModels, and a BaseFrameAction, that is injected with an entity, a service interface and has methods to execute operations on the service layer.

In today's
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A brief tour for the Swing team


Is there any way to still get a copy of the above-mentioned ...

Is there any way to still get a copy of the above-mentioned Java SE 6.0 Developer Preview 2 for OS X? I know it was released as a universal binary, and I would really like to check it out for PowerPC Macs. Apple has since removed all traces of the universal binaries from their website.