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JDK 5.0 for Ubuntu x64, no applets or Java Web Start?

Posted by joconner on September 20, 2006 at 9:04 PM PDT

Thanks to everyone that provided suggestions and tips for installing Ubuntu and JDK 5.0. I am happy to say that JDK 5.0 installed easily enough when I followed the rules precisely. If you're going to try this, you'll need to follow the JDK distro instructions for Ubuntu. There were no big glitches during the installation, but I was surprised that I had to put the JDK document zip file in the /tmp directory for the installation. A little quirky, but no big deal. It worked, and I was happy.

I suspect that I should not have installed the 64 bit version of my OS. This JDK 5.0 installation naturally assumed that I wanted the JDK 5.0 Linux x64 binaries. That would be a reasonable assumption since my OS is the 64 bit version. Unfortunately, the jdk-distro notes for the Ubuntu installation don't mention that the plugin and web start components don't run using the x64 binaries. I searched around on the Sun JDK download site. Sure enough, there's the notice right there. The download page says this next to the Linux x64 downloads:

Linux x64 self-extracting file (use 32-bit version for applet and Java Web Start support)

Now I'm faced with the task of getting the JDK 5.0 32-bit Linux installation onto this system. I can't do the same install again since I'll get the same result presumably. So now I have to find a different way to get JDK 5.0 onto this system...and this time I want the 32-bit version.

Anyone want to place a friendly wager on whether I'll be able to get the self-extracting regular 32-bit JDK installed onto this Ubuntu system?

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