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Wizard project updates

Posted by timboudreau on September 24, 2006 at 8:33 PM PDT

I spent part of the weekend adding some needed features to the Wizard library on If you need to do wizard-style UIs in Swing, this library makes it pretty easy to do something slick.

The Wizard library now supports JLF-spec summary panels - so you can easily display a final page which lists what the wizard has done. I also added background completion support with a progress bar and proper threading handling - so if what the wizard will create is slow, you can show progress while it is going.

Something I added some time ago that is fairly useful for speeding up the Wizard creation process is a class called WizardPage - you simply add components to this panel, and set the name of each component; the framework will automatically listen for changes and put whatever the user inputs into the settings map. If you want validation, that is easy to implement as well.

There's also a new Quick Start Guide and a WebStart™ demo (BeanNetter)


Sunrise over Denver airport

(yes it's a real photo - it was quite a sunrise)

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