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Ajax and Desktop Conferences

Posted by javaben on September 25, 2006 at 4:00 PM PDT

Dion Almaer and I were given the opportunity to deliver a talk on Ajax at JavaOne earlier this year. The session went pretty well, and I found myself giving a repeat on the last day of JavaOne that also went pretty well. Many thanks to those of you that attended and especially to those of you that gave us feedback both in person after the talks or via the eval forms.

One of the things a lot of you told us was that you wished we went into greater depth in some area of Ajax. Indeed, in a 60 minute session, we had to leave a lot unsaid.

I'm happy to say that for those of you that were left a little wanting, the Ajax firehouse is wide open: Dion and I are hosting a conference in Boston next month ( where sixty 90-minute sessions will be delivered over the course of three days. We've got a ton of Java-specific content, including the lead of Google's Java-based GWT framework, the lead of the excellent DWR framework, and one of the core Spring developers.

Desktop Conference

A while back, I solicited feedback here on the possibility of giving a Desktop Developer's Conference. I'm happy to say that I'm moving forward with this concept. At first, I was going to make it a Java, .NET, and Cocoa/ObjC affair, but as I evaluated the marketplace, I decided to give it a Java focus. I've seen a few .NET conferences start and then abruptly stop, and I've seen no precedent for a Cocoa conference, so I got cold feet building out a lot of content for those technologies.

But, I still am planning on having Microsoft show up and talk to us about both WinForms and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). And, I'm still planning on having Apple show up to talk about Cocoa. Nothing like seeing how the other half (1/3?) lives.

I would like some more feedback on a few things:

1. How much (if any) SWT/Eclipse content should there be? Anyone have any strong feelings one way or the other? It's hard for me to get a good read on this -- not a lot of hard data and my own experience suggests that SWT/JFace/EclipseRCP usage is a small fraction of Swing, but I could be off-base here.

2. Should this be a multi-track event or a one-track event? If multi-track, should it be a large track event like The Ajax Experience with six tracks, should it be mini-track with 2-3, or mega-track like JavaOne with 10 tracks+ (like I could find that much desktop content)?



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