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JDBC EoD API Deferred

Posted by lancea on October 5, 2006 at 9:53 AM PDT

As you are all aware, we are in the final end game for releasing Java SE 6 in December 2006. As part of this process we
are actively testing all areas of Java SE. During this testing effort we have discovered, much to our dismay,
that the quality of the JDBC EoD Reference Implementation (RI) is not where it should be in order to be released as part of Java SE 6.

Based on our analysis, we would not be able to stabilize the JDBC EoD RI without slipping the Java SE 6 schedule by at least 8 weeks, which is something that none of us want.

The JDBC 4.0 Expert Group agrees that we should not delay Java SE 6 for this feature and as of build 101 of Java SE 6, the JDBC EoD RI has been removed.

I do believe that the proposed features in the JDBC EoD API are useful and we will work toward including an improved version of the API in Java SE 7.

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