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Pulp Diction 2: Top Ten Reasons to Choose Java Over C/C++

Posted by evanx on October 25, 2006 at 4:53 PM PDT

I really am so IRRITATED by now with all these Top Ten bookmarks, Goddamn! But if you can't squish 'em like a bug then join 'em like a feature?! "Be the change you want to see in the world." I tried that, doesn't work! Heh heh

So I'll start with C++ and then move on to, um, er, whatsit? The other C... No, not Objective-C! The C shh... um... oh frell it, i can't remember!

OK, this is a easy one, i mean C/C++ vs Java, it's not even fair comparing a modern language over a legacy one. Actually compared to FORTRAN and BASIC i think C/C++ is FANTASTIC ;) Actually, to be honest, C is my first love, and if it wasn't for C, NOTHING would even exist, so...
We owe so much to so few - Dennis, Brian, Bjarne that certainly includes you, dude!

Notwithstanding that, here are my Top Ten Reasons Why to Choose Java over C/C++.

  1. Beauty. Let's face it, Java's the hottest babe in this room!
  2. Develop, don't debug! Actually this should be Number One.
  3. Don't port, deploy! Mmmmm... WebStart.
  4. Netbeans. And Eclipse. Yes, you can use them for C/C++, but don't go ruin my argument!
  5. Java Libraries. Sweeet. What would life be without Collections? A boring singleton.
  6. Swing. The sweeetest, GUI'est thing!
  7. Frameworks. What you want? You got it. Goto Apache, Spring, Google, or the guy sitting next to you in the bus.
  8. Enterprise-ready stacks? Take your pick!
  9. You always wanted to upgrade to 1Gb RAM - now you have to!
  10., The community's tight, man. Thank goodness they invested so many zillions, otherwise it would be like... Not this good!

So what's your number one reason?