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Layout Manager Showdown: We have results!

Posted by joconner on October 25, 2006 at 5:53 PM PDT

Several weeks ago, I tried to solve a form layout problem with NetBeans GUI Builder, sometimes known as Matisse. I shared that experience, and many of you had comments. Some of those blogs are here:

Some of you had improvements for the described form...psst, I already knew it was bad. Others suggested that other layout managers exist that do a better job with forms. And some of you even described those layout managers. The results are a real treat, and people should know about that work.

We had a layout manager contest...well, almost a contest...ok, no contest at all, but it was interesting:

  1. I described a form with various labels and text fields
  2. You described a solution for implementing the form with your favorite layout manager

The rules were pretty simple, but of course some of you took liberties. You were supposed to describe how to lay out the described form and comment on several questions about how your layout manager performs. There were no wrong answers, but I hope you realize that others will evaluate your layout manager by what you say and how well you say it. Of course, by using a wiki, you can sharpen your argument indefinitely.

We had several showdown participants, and they described the following layouts on the Layout Manager Showdown Wiki:

Not a bad first effort for a layout manager showdown. Very good, and I appreciate the information you provided. Keep up the good work, and if others want to jump into the mix, please go right ahead. The more information, the more comparisons and contrasts, the better.

You're invited to take a look at the various layout manager descriptions and evaluations. Don't be shy, either. Jump right in and add your own favorite to the Showdown page.

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