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Pulp Friction: Top Ten Reasons to choose Java over Python et al

Posted by evanx on November 9, 2006 at 8:43 AM PST

Come of think of it, this can be Java versus Python and all the other scripting languages, ouch!

  1. Beauty. No legacy underscores. Nuf sed.
  2. Java has long, clear, unabbreviated names.
  3. With Java, IDEs come standard so that you don't have to type those long names. Phew!
  4. Sooo many vendors support Java, except Microsoft. Microsoft supports IronPython, which doesn't help my pro Java arguments, so ssh ssh.
  5. Java runs Python and many other languages including Java! Ok, it's not fair comparing a VM to a language, but i couldn't resist.
  6. Java has a well funded community, whereas Pythonistas have to be naturally enthusiastic.
  7. Java is strongly typed, so we don't have to write unit tests, and can rely on blind luck more.
  8. It takes longer in Java, which helps a lot when you're getting paid by the hour. "Wa wa we waa!"
  9. Java rules the Enterprise, if you exclude that SAP thingy.
  10. Java rules the Web, if you exclude those ASP and LAMP thingies - and Python is only one of three P's in LAMP, so...
  11. Java rules the Desktop, if you exclude C/C++, Objective-C, and all the stuff from the desktop monopoly.
  12. Java rules the Mobile, period... for now.
  13. Java is no good at system tasks, so it gives us a good cop-out for avoiding those.
  14. Java never gets compared to, or confused with, Perl.
  15. Java has an enterprise version. Quite a few actually.
  16. Java has more opensource projects, more toolkits, more IDEs, more jobs, more verbosity, more everything!

Please gimme some help getting this up to a Top 20, or where to slim it down to a Top 10, and/or which are your top Top reasons, and/or bottom Top reasons, for or against, Java or Python, or dynamic scripting languages in general?!