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Extending Grizzly to support JRuby on Rails

Posted by jfarcand on November 17, 2006 at 11:46 AM PST

Wow, today TAKAI Natao blogged about How to deploy JRuby on Rails app to GlassFish. Making JRuby on Rails application to run in GlassFish is very good, but making it working by extending Grizzly is fantastic! I'm not an expert at all with JRuby, but it seems this integration looks very promising. Read Charles Nutter's blog about why.


Technically, it required only two classes to makes that happen. Well I should say three classes because it also include a way to run JRuby on Rails on top of Grizzly directly.

Now I'm eager to play with this extension and see what kind of performance I can get from it. I'm confident it will be pretty good, specially when scalability in measured. I'm also interested to add SSL support to TAKAI's extension. Well, maybe I should let TAKAI doing it, as he seems to know very well how to use Grizzly. Check his Grizzly Comet demo here!


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