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Posted by binod on November 21, 2006 at 10:05 AM PST

At Indian Institute of Science, a prestigious educational institution in Bangalore, year 2006 edition of the will be held. GlassFish will have significant presence this time (November 24, 25 and 26) also. Prasad is giving a talk on Project GlassFish, its current status, roadmap, new features, cool things etc. This will happen on Saturday, November 25.

The Sun booth will demonstrate a Java EE 5 application getting developed on netbeans and deployed on GlassFish. We had a dry run of the app (Sahoo wrote it) at Sun campus this week and it is indeed a nice and simple explanation of what netbeans and glassfish is capable of.

Come, interact with the GlassFish engineers in the booth and pick up a glassfish CD.

For those who are interested in what is all about, see the event history.


Sahoo blogged about the demo. Take a look.

Siva and Prasad has blogged [1, 2] about the event also.

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