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Fidelity Program for Java events

Posted by felipegaucho on December 6, 2006 at 4:12 AM PST

How about a fidellity program for Java events? If you attend several Java
events during the year, why not to get some advantage in the overall price?
If your company usually support Java events for its developers, what about
to present to the financial sector a yearly package of events with discount
and benefits? This simple idea can provide more comfortable or at least give
for more people the chance to attend great events like
and Jazoon.

You are right, the privilege of attending global Java events is already a benefit
- a technical benefit - but events are also about tourism and comfort - there is
a life style related to these events. This life style include the need to be part
of something - people are not looking just to be there but they want to be part of
that :) And a counterpart in terms of fidelity program could be a nice response
for this expectation. If you already attended two or three JavaOne events, why not
receiving some nice gifts on the next time? Why not getting a better dinner, a faster
train or a more comfortable hotel room? How about that feeling "oh, you were here
last year, welcome back! We have some surprises for you this year".
Nice isn't it?

The integration between the events and third part business could be a simple
registration discount, but can evolve also more sophisticated business network
- including a permanent package of benefits between the events. You can, for example,
buy Java books and technical stuff with discount in the period between the events.
Your local university can offer special discounts on education products for
people who invest in their own education through the events and so on. How about
a credit card with the Java brand which allows you to get a discount in the next Java event
while you e xpend money in the supermarket at the corner?

You are right again :) This idea is not new and it is not mine. It is a shared feeling
about the investment costs in a professional carrier on Java technologies. Discussing
the requirements of good Java events, several members of the Java community reported a
special concern about the cost to attend such events. Not just the registration fee itself,
but about full logistics: transportation, food and accomodation costs. From that feeling I started
figuring out that a mileage or fidelity program is the wish of the community for the
next big events.

Your opinion about that will be very appreciated - more even if you have other ideas in order to promote the Java events.

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