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JDK 6 is here! And Javapolis and JavaOne are just around the corner...

Posted by brunos on December 11, 2006 at 6:57 AM PST

I have just listened to Laurie Tolson talk about OpenJDK and now Mark Reinhold is talking about JDK 6. This is the official announcement of JDK 6, here in London. Since this morning, you can download the final version of the new version of the Java Platform.

Interesting times we are right now. In the last few weeks, we had the announcement of NetBeans 5.5, then Sun announced OpenJDK and now JDK 6 is out. I remember when all those announcements happened around JavaOne. I have to note that the JDK announcement happened in Europe, right before Javapolis.

Actually, this is the reason why I'm on this part of the world. Tonight I'll fly to Belgium, where starts today the Javapolis event. Javapolis is way up in the list of the most important Java events in the world, and with the organization of BeJUG, it is a Java Users Group event. Cool.

Talking about Java events, this week is the last week to submit papers to JavaOne! Have you submitted yours? Don't miss the chance, join together with other developers from your local JUG, discuss ideas and review each other's submission. Submissions are more and more elaborated, and the task to choose then is harder every year. So, don't leave for the last minute, and do not send a half-though submissions. Make sure your presentation is something your peers would like to go see when they read it. That will help you get there!

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