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Not Dead Yet

Posted by chet on April 22, 2008 at 10:32 AM PDT

Romain and I will be returning to JavaOne this year to give another talk this year. We thought about presenting on horticulture, or the effect of air travel on the Amazon rain forest, but in the end we decided at random to talk about this topic: Filthy Rich Clients: Filthier, Richer, Clientier. And though it was tempting to just present stuff we'd already written (with 550 pages of material in the book, there's a lot to, well, steal for presentations), we thought it would be more fun and to do new stuff. Who needs sleep? We hope you can make it to the session.

For anyone that signed up for the session already, we hope you got word that the conference has shuffled us out of our original slot on Tuesday and put us on Thursday afternoon instead (4:10 - 5:10 pm). Maybe they just realized that everyone enjoys pre-enrolling for sessions so much that they figured you'd want another chance to log in and see how that change affected your schedule. And if you didn't pre-register for the session yet, you might want to do so; I've heard that the room is filling up (It's not clear why - maybe it was the "free money!" mention in the abstract. Or maybe it's Romain's groupies. Again.).

There's other stuff happening as well. For one thing, there's an author signing for our book. Maybe someone can explain to me why you actually want us to deface your book. It's a nice book, clean and professional looking, and you want us to write in it? I understand having a famous author sign a book they wrote; heck, it'll be worth more when they're dead. But the authors of Filthy Rich Clients? The only thing worth more when I'm dead will be my life insurance policy. Anyway, we'll be there at the bookstore, signing anything you put in front of us except a blank check.

For other happenings that week, check out my other blog.

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