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Home from JavaPolis: Major Chet Lag

Posted by chet on December 18, 2006 at 9:37 AM PST

I was in Belgium at JavaPolis last week,
doing presentations with Romain Guy
and Richard Bair, and hanging
out with Hans Muller and
various other folks in the Java and web development community. Excellent
conference, great presentations, lovely gray weather. Just like home, except
for the
, the food, the location, the weather, the people,
the eyeglasses

, and the odd expectation that everyone really wants mayonnaise on

Richard, Romain and I did a full "University" day (6 hours of non-stop Desktop
Java; Whoo-hooo!) where we talked about everything from Java SE 6 features to
UI design to SwingLabs to Graphics for GUI GEEKs to Deployment to future
Desktop feature thoughts to (of course) cool Swing demos.

Romain and I also did a session on "Filthy Rich Clients"; this one
covered some core useful Graphics for FRC, an overview of the timing framework
in its latest incarnation, plus some stuff about an upcoming extension called
"AnimTrans", plus some cool Effects by Romain (of course!).  There will be
a better version of the presentation available sometime soon (see the Parleys
blurb below), but in the meantime here is the
PDF of our talk

One of the great things they do for this conference is that they post complete
video/audio-sync'd versions of the talks after that fact.  This year, they
will do this on the
website.  Keep checking up on that site, or I'll try to
remember to post a link once the presentations are live.

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