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Every Picture Tells a Story

Posted by editor on December 22, 2006 at 1:26 PM PST

Holiday Pictures 2006

For technical reasons related to Wednesday's crash, we weren't able to produce the "Holiday Pictures 2006" as a feature article, like we've done in the past, so I'm going to use the last blog of 2006 to share the various contributions.

Daniel López is thankful this holiday season for the
open-sourcing of the Java platform. So he sent in "a quick shot
inside the office with a Duke we had from a J1 edition, the Suse
mascot a Linux guy had on top of his monitor and a mini-Christmas
tree my girlfriend handycrafted."

<br "Merry open-sourced Christmas" width="450" />


Balakumar Muthu sent in two pictures, and writes "I would like
to dedicate this picture to the Java Developers community all over
the world and especially to Mary Smaragdis, Sun Microsystems."

Duke and Mickey "450" />


Duke goes for a ride width="450" />


Finally, Leonardo S. De Seta writes in: "Duke has been around
here, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I just met him at the Obelisk, an
emblematic and traditional monument in this city. He asked me to
take this shot and send it to you. So, here it is!"

"" alt="Duke in Buenos Aires" width="450" />

Thanks to everyone who participated.

This is the last editor's blog for 2006. We'll be freezing the front page next week so that we can spend the holidays with our families. Projects, forums, weblogs, mailing lists, wikis, and community pages will still be live, so feel free to check out the various parts of the site. We'll be back with a new front page on Tuesday, January 2, 2007.

Today will also be the last day for the "Java News" section. I'd like to say thanks to News Editor Steve Mallett, who worked on the section alongside his many other pursuits. Steve set up a site called to assist with pulling in the daily news, and if you're interested in a constantly-updated collection of Java headlines from about the web, check it out. Thanks again, Steve.

In Java Today,

Peter von der Ahé has posted a Java SE 7 wish list: "With JDK 6 released, we are considering features for inclusion in JDK 7. Here is a list of things I would like to see..." His list includes "real" closures, type literals, some shorthand syntaxes, and more. He also pointedly wishes not to have three proposed features show up in JDK 7: Strings in switch statements, XML literals, and an overloaded dot operator.

The sungrid project is the parent to Sun Grid Developer Community projects as they migrate from to The Sun Grid Compute Utility at provides easy and affordable access to an enormous computing resource over the Internet for the predictable and all-inclusive price of $1/CPU-hr.

The jdk-distros project, which provides packages of Java releases for Linux and OpenSolaris under the Distribution License for Java, has released bundles for Java SE 6. Bundles are available from the project's developer information page. Note that these downloads are intended for distro developers only and not end users, who can get Java SE 6 either from their distro or from the main Java SE 6 page.

Fabrizio Giudici discusses Clustering with Rio in today's Weblogs. "After the BoF at JavaPolis (where the demo failed for some stupid connection problem in spite of the fact that half an hour before the system was working) and another code reorganization, we can talk about the Rio plugin for Mistral, which enables users to distribute an imaging task in a local cluster of machines, where nodes can be dinamically added or removed even during the computation."

C with NetBeans on Linux ... check it out!, Joerg Plewe writes:
"My current project is something with C on Linux. This is no fun, believe me. Especially when you are used to the rich development environment in the Java world."

Finally, Marcelo Mayworm blogs about
Inside source code crawler world: the evolution of searching, mining and retrieving of software components: "Fabiano Cruz and I decided to talk about the evolution of code search and how shareable is the source code through the world nowadays. We will split up this post in three or more essays. In this first essay, we are going to classify the evolution of source code search engines. So, please, feel free to drop us a line spreading your opinion about this topic."

The latest Poll asks "What version of Java do you expect to be using at the end of 2007?" Cast your vote on the front page, then check the results page for current tallies and discussion.

In today's Forums,
kcr has an announcement of
Java 3D 1.5.1 plans:
"I have updated our Wiki with our plans for Java 3D 1.5.1. As indicated earlier, we want to get this release out very quickly -- beta in early April, final release in early May. Because of this, the number of bug fixes we can do will necessarily be limited. We plan to address all of the P3 bugs and enhancements that are targeted for 1.5.1, and as many of the P4 bugs and enhancements as we have time for (we won't hold up the release for unfixed P4 bugs). If your favorite bug isn't on the list (or isn't a P3), go ahead and vote for it using the issue tracker."

Scott Violet explains the look-and-feel strategy on Linux in
Re: System PLAF not GTK under Linux?
"Some systems may ship GTK and KDE side by side, and tune the themes of each toolkit so they look similar, but not all. Additionally we have no way of detecting if GTK and KDE would look similar. As such, if you're not running under a GNOME desktop, we don't make GTK the system look and feel."

cowwoc considers the practicality of alerting apps to system shutdowns in
Re: Detect user logout or system shutdown:
"Isn't this issue similar to System.getEnv()? If not all platforms can provide meaningful values, is it meaningful to add this to the core API? Also, this is reminiscent of Object finalizers: if there is no guarantee they will ever get invoked, do we really want to have developers to depend upon them (some people do, regardless of how many warnings they get to the contrary)? I don't have answers, just questions. Is it possible to develop a reference implementation that plugs into the JVM or is this something that can only really be implemented on the inside?"

In today's
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Holiday Pictures 2006