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Five things (yes, another)

Posted by editor on January 6, 2007 at 5:13 AM PST

Vanity, thy name is the "five things you wouldn't know about me" tagging game. But Joshua thinks I'm due. I will try to make this interesting for the passing observer... not easy when blogging is already part of my job description

  1. One of my freshman roommates was PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel - We weren't very close and haven't spoken in 20 years, so it's pretty much just an interesting coincidence. Still, it's funny we both consider ourselves "libertarians" today, because we rarely saw eye-to-eye on political matters back then.

  2. Speaking of freshman year I threw a copy of Dune out my freshman dorm window - I had a sudden epiphany that it was the Bible according to Frank Herbert, and we have too many bibles as it is. Still, recent years have made me more receptive to things like the litany against fear ("I will not fear. Fear is the mind killer, etc."), so maybe I'll give it another shot someday. Still, don't tell Tim (he likes Herbert a lot).

  3. That's not a double chin or a cleft chin, it's a scar - When I was 5 or 6, I went sledding face first into either Karen Rynne's boot or the toboggan she was towing behind her. Either way, I shattered my jaw and it had to be wired back together. Ow, but not the worst "ow" I've ever managed.

  4. Joshua Marinacci, Michael Ivey, and Robert Cooper and I all worked together at the same company - Josh left, but Cooper, Ivey and I were also at its post-merger successor for a short while before they laid off all the engineers. For legal reasons (management threatened to sue me when I blogged about the layoff), I consistently refer to the firms only as "Worthless Piece of Crap Wireless Company No. 1" and "Worthless Piece of Crap Wireless Company No. 2". Both companies have long since ceased to exist in any meaningful form.

  5. I'm also The Annotated Alchemist

OK, hope that was duly unexpected. I'd like to push this meme out to non-programming types, but all my college friends in entertainment and medicine don't blog. Still, I'll try to mix it up a little: Michael Ivey, Dave Hyatt, Dave Hornik, Tammy Frederick, and Mike Brodhead, you are now on the clock.