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Grown-up games

Posted by enicholas on January 8, 2007 at 8:32 AM PST

My sixteen-month-old son is just at the point where he's beginning to play tag, so it's a part of my day-to-day life now. It's fitting that I find myself tagged by Richard Bair in this grown-up game of tag. In case you have (somehow) missed the meme, bloggers are supposed to reveal five little-known facts about themselves and then tag five more people. So, without further ado:

Five little-known facts about Ethan Nicholas

  • I ran a BBS (Bulletin Board System) when I was in high school. This was back before the Web existed and before most people had even heard of the Internet. A lovely young lady dialed in using a 1200 baud modem attached to an aging Tandy, I struck up a conversation with her, and eventually we started dating. That lovely young lady is now my wife. (We met before it was cool to meet people online.)
  • I'm a college dropout. During my senior year, GeoCities bought an application I wrote and moved me out to California, so I dropped out of school and never looked back. That's how I ended up at Yahoo!, also -- they bought GeoCities less than a year later.
  • I collect gems and minerals. These are just a few of them (click thumbnails for larger images). All told, I have over three hundred specimens in several different cases. This case is my favorite, because the glass platforms rotate.

  • I turned the attic of my house into a movie theater. I like to play video games up there. The screen in the shot below is 160" diagonal, which is over thirteen feet. I contracted out the actual construction work (framing the walls, hanging drywall, and so forth) but did all of the electronics, wiring, and such myself. It has two rows of four seats each.

  • I have a tattoo of a dragon on my left forearm. Everybody asks me if it hurt. Yes, it hurt. It hurt exactly as much as you'd expect getting stabbed with a needle ten thousand times would hurt. My wife has a tattoo on her back, but she said that getting hers "kind of tickled". Evidently I'm a sissy.

So there you go. Five things about me, several of which you would probably have been happier not knowing. And one last thing: Chet Haase, Scott Violet, and Hans Muller, you're it!

(Yes, I know that's only three people. And I'm sure they've all been tagged before. But I don't see anything about it in their blogs, so here's hoping they actually produce.)

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