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Ajax, but without JavaScript : AWESOME!

Posted by edgars on January 9, 2007 at 7:11 AM PST

I´ve been designing an architecture for a new application where I am evaluating a lot of Ajax Solutions. Reading one of Javatool´s Newsletter, I discovered a framework called ZK , which sounds nice because is not required use JavaScript to automate everything, you can use simply plan Java syntax.

I am sure you should check it out in:

Some examples

Look in the following example:


Look, that we are using the Thread class inside our simple .zul file.

Take a look in the following image, and the kind of the cool stuff you can do with:


I am creating some modules for NetBeans, to try turn the ZK development simple , I am also looking for enough time develop it, as sooner as I finish, I will publish it here. The Following image shows the syntax highlight and a Project template, which allows users create a new ZK Web Project in NetBeans: