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Gooey Bean Aspect

Posted by evanx on January 15, 2007 at 6:36 AM PST

We use CGLIB to enhance a half-baked Java Bean with no firePropertyChange() invocations in its setters, into a bean that does fire PropertyChangeEvent's from its setters.

Gooey Bean Aspect, a tale of inner discovery, A part of "Gooey Beans, a trilogy in 42 parts"

Our QBeanInterceptor registers the PropertyDescriptor's setters methods into a setterMap.

public class QBeanInterceptor extends QInterceptor {
    BeanInfo beanInfo;
    Map setterMap = new HashMap();
    BeanPropertySupport beanAnnotation;
    boolean fireByDefault;
    public Object invoke(Object target, Method method, Object[] args,
            MethodProxy proxy) throws Throwable {
        Object oldValue = null;
        Object newValue = null;
        PropertyDescriptor propertyDescriptor = null;
        if (args.length == 1 && fireAtWill(method)) {
            newValue = args[0];
            propertyDescriptor = setterMap.get(method);
            if (propertyDescriptor != null) {
                oldValue = getOldValue(target, propertyDescriptor);
        Object result = super.invoke(target, method, args, proxy);
        if (propertyDescriptor != null) {
            QBean bean = (QBean) target;
                    propertyDescriptor.getName(), oldValue, newValue);
        return result;

where if the method is a key to an associated PropertyDescriptor in setterMap, then we invoke firePropertyChange() to fire a PropertyChangeEvent.

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