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Posted by editor on January 18, 2007 at 5:14 AM PST

Copy and paste for ME, finally!

How much do you do with the Java support on your phone? If you've tried to use productivity apps like GMail for Mobile, or Opera Mini, then there's a good chance you've needed to do copy-and-paste at some point, to save you from repetitive text entry on the keypad that was never really meant for text entry in the first place.

Of course, the question then becomes: how do you do it? ME apps don't have a default "Edit" menu with built-in copy-and-paste functionality, nor does the design of the typical phone permit drag-and-drop style gestures. No, this is something you're going to have to build for yourself.

Fortunately, author Biswajit Sarkar has been there, and offers a solution
in today's Feature Article,
Implementing Copy and Paste for the Java ME TextBox . In the article, he shows how to work around surprising problems like inaccurate reporting of the caret position within an ME TextBox, and provides a solution that uses the ME record store to allow data copied from one application to be pasted into another.

In Java Today,

NetBeans 6.0 Milestone 6 is now available for download.
Some of the new features added and tested in Milestone 6 include:
most Java EE features re-added to the build, a UI Gestures Collector that logs users' activities in the IDE, and
memory profiling Improvements. Review the Milestone
6 Report
for a complete overview of what's new.

Each year at JavaOne, the most innovative and most impressive Java projects are celebrated with the Duke's Choice Awards. The search is on for this year's most creative uses of Java, and nominations for the awards are now open. Nominations will be accepted through March 15, with winners selected by James Gosling and the Java technology leadership team. A list of last year's winners is also available.

Nigel Hughes was inspired by the latest Apple UI and has adopted its ideas to create a Carousel Menu (a la Apple TV) in Swing. "While everyone was wrapped up in Steve's reality distortion field during his recent keynote, I was ogling the Apple TV interface. What a fantastic product (I'm getting one of those, just what I need). Anyhow, one of the interface features that I noticed was that they had re-used a carousel to produce a funky menu. Well, I have a carousel component how hard can it be to re-use it to create.... a carousel menu?"

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