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Filthy Rich Clients: A Subtle Teaser

Posted by chet on January 24, 2007 at 9:21 PM PST

Romain Guy and I are nearing the
end of a book on Swing, Java 2D, animation, and how to write better, and
cooler, Swing applications. It's called Filthy Rich Clients.  I
know we haven't mentioned it before, except for
, and
, and
, and here, and
. And there's always
, and here,
and then here.
We've obviously been pretty quiet about it.

Now the book is actually nearing completion; we have just a tad more writing to
go (right, Romain?), some more editing, then some more editing, and reviews,
and then editing, and some more reviews, and then we'll probably want to edit
it some more. And theoretically, all of this gets done in time to publish for
JavaOne 2007 (second week of May).

So I thought I'd take a quick break from editing Chapter 12 (a fun chapter
about a really cool utility ... which I have to completely rewrite in the next
2 days) and post the outline, now that we're fairly sure what it'll be:

Part I: Graphics and GUI Fundametals

  1. Desktop Java Graphics APIs: Swing, Java 2D, and AWT

  2. Swing Rendering Fundamentals

  3. Graphics Fundamentals

  4. Images

  5. Advanced Graphics Rendering

  6. Advanced Swing Rendering

  7. Performance

Part II: Animation

  1. Animation Fundamentals

  2. Smooth Moves

  3. Timing Framework: Fundamentals

  4. Timing Framework: Advanced

Part III: Effects

  1. Animated Transitions

  2. Static Effects

  3. Dynamic Effects

  4. Wrap-Up

At least, that's our take on it before the reviewers rip it apart.

It should be a fun, and hopefully quite useful, book.  The first section,
Part I, is fairly huge and is intended to be educational to a broad audience
about how Swing and Java 2D do what they do and how you can take advantage of
various features for richer applications. So while the whole book is oriented
toward making-Swing-apps-cooler, there is a lot of material in there that is
also intended to simply help Swing programmers understand Swing better. Lots of
code. Lots of screenshots. Occasional math equations just to act a little

Now, back to my dark little editing corner....

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