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Unhybridising RIA development with Swing

Posted by evanx on February 2, 2007 at 11:28 AM PST

See our editor highlights, and Bruce Eckel's Hydridizing Java.

What i don't like about web development is hydridization, ie. Java/JScript/HTML/CSS. I think having to program and integrate multiple hetergeneous languages with relatively limited IDE support, is distracting.

Another common ubiquitous example is Java/SQL, mitigated by JDO, JPA et al. Having said that, i love HTML/CSS and SQL, and enjoy representing these as Java objects to leverage my IDE.

The timing for Java (applets) for internet clients for Web 1.0 was too early. The bandwidth, RAM and CPU of the common users and their PCs were insufficient for anything other than a browser rending HTML.

Naturally this led to the current popular technologies eg. PHP, AJAX, server-side Java, which leverage HTML/browsers. Of course the efforts of Sun et al followed the money to the server-side.

However, with megabits of broadband, gigs of RAM, and multicore multigigahertz processing
becoming the norm, I contend that events are shaping up for Swing to live up to its potential as a serious candidate for Web 3.0, with Netbeans as one of its many allies. 50megs in the scheme of 2gigs is not relevant, and multi-megabyte WebStart downloads via multi-megabit broadband is worth a few second's wait for a killer application you use regularly.

Java/Swing/Netbeans potentially allows developers to deliver RIA and desktop functionality with rapid ease.

There are engineering problems to be solved (and killer applications to be developed). But fortunately there are lots of engineers, not least ourselves. And it's opensource, so... Let's do this! :)

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