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Bound Gooey Beans

Posted by evanx on February 5, 2007 at 3:07 AM PST

In the Gooey Beans Info prequel, we explicitly declare properties. Now we allow a bean info instance to be bound to a specific bean, in order to support bound properties ie. firing PropertyChangeEvent's.

Bound Gooey Beans: A part of "Gooey Beans, a trilogy in 42 parts"

In our bean, we instantiate a bound bean info class with PropertyChangeSupport as follows.

public class BakedBean {
    public final BakedBeanInfo info = new BakedBeanInfo(this);
    private BigInteger barcode;
    private String label;
    private Integer bakingTemparature;
    private BigDecimal medianLength;
    public BakedBean() {
    public void setBarcode(BigInteger barcode) {
        this.barcode = barcode;

where we use property "literals" from our bean info to firePropertyChanged().

We can add PropertyChangeListener's as follows.

public class BakedBeanDemo implements PropertyChangeListener, Runnable {
    BakedBean bean = new BakedBean();
    public BakedBeanDemo() {


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